Enterprise Dashboards & Mash-ups

Practical experience in Business Domain, Business Analysis, API integration, workflow management standards and synchronous and asynchronous data passing mechanisms is required to create enterprise level Dashboards. At Carmatec, we have experience in using and working with near to real time data flow management and analytics dashboards.

Business Benefits

  • Performance measures through a visual medium.
  • Negative trends- Identified and corrected.
  • Measurable efficiencies/inefficiencies.
  • Detailed report generation focusing on new trends.
  • Informed decisions through extensive market study.
  • Coordinate strategies and organizational goals.
  • Total visibility of all systems guaranteed.
  • Swift detection of data outliers and correlations.

Technologies & Platform

PHP & Rails (Ruby on Rails) frameworks with choices ranging from HTML/Ajax/JS driven desktop front ends to app-driven mobile front ends are some of the core technologies used for enterprise dashboards which enable you to access data on the go. At Carmatec, we employ industry professionals and application architects to guarantee that your projects are always impressive and bring in business benefits.

Digital dashboards allow management to supervise the working of different departments in their organization. It is the best option available to measure precisely how well a company is operating. It provides a “snapshot” of the performance so that you can take informed decisions.


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